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Gumbura was viewed as God in the church and indoctrinated his followers into believing that God directly communicated with him and gave him authority to do as he pleased.

In the leaked Whats App chat a married woman and that woman's daughter once took turns to have sex with Gumbura.

They must really be big criminals if tanks and heavy weapons could be deployed unless somebody just wanted to show off like most African ‘strongmen’ do.

The national broadcasters were always the game changers in any political conflict in Africa.

Robert Martin Gumbura is the pastor of RMG End Time Message, a Zimbabwean church and a convicted rapist.

He was convicted of four counts of rape and one on possession of pornographic material.

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He said: 'A member of the National Parks and Wildlife went out on a game drive with conservation students and discovered an elephant, less than three-years-old, stuck in the mud a couple of hundred metres away.

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