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Seimas tiesiogiai online dating

The Internet usage forms in political communication constantly change and improve. Most researches of the last decade were designated for the research of the impact of political blog on mass media and a blog as a form of political participation. Hypothesis of the survey: 1) motives, encouraging politicians to use blogs are as follow: very impaired virtual political communication technologies, turnover of generations, global practice, positions of states and platform for official pronouncements; 2) Use of modern technologies by members of the Seimas, e.g., blogs, their application in political communication is significantly changing – it constantly increases; 3) Members of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania willingly apply the practice of modern communications via blogs, however they do not trust in their political possibilities and big political benefit – blogs are not a challenge to them but more likely another achievement of contemporary society or a tool dictated by Western fashion; 4) Members of the Seimas try to form a personalized image of a politician in their blogs.

Researches also reflected motives for writing in blogs. Nowadays blogs of politicians have become a usual thing in the world that helps politicians to get into and keep relations with new audience of potential voters.

Analysis of websites and blogs of the members of the Seimas was compared with different aspects of similar surveys, conducted in Lithuania in year 20. Motives, encouraging Lithuanian politicians to use blogs - very advanced virtual political communication technologies, the tendency of politicians not to get behind the practice of developed countries in this area and a possibility to form a personalized image of a politician.

This is not a deep self-esteem, rather the outcome of studies of new political technologies in Western countries.

Internetinėje erdvėje svarbiausia yra ne tai, kiek politiniai reklamai išleidžiama lėšų, o politikų idėjos ir nuostatos, partijų ideologija ir argumentai.

The first researches of blogs were the blog writers. The Master thesis „Assessment of the Usage of Blogs by Politicians in Political Communication“ tries to fill the gap of studies in this area in Lithuania just in part.

Šiame darbe išryškinta viena svarbiausių politikų tinklaraščių pranašumų komunikacijoje –personalizacija.

Galima užmegzti ryšį su tinklaraščio autoriumi ir gauti papildomos informacijos, paaiškinimų.

The theoretical part of the thesis reviews generation of new technologies (Internt) and circumstances, properties and functions of its development.

The role of blogs in a political life, its significance to politicians, positive and negative role in the activities of the political leaders is discussed.

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Iš Seimo narių atsakymų į interviu klausimus peršasi išvada, kad politikai iš tinklaraščių daug nesitiki.