Kuwait to santa sex

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Kuwait to santa sex

Borat befriends Luenell, and she invites him into a relationship with her, but he tells her that he is in love with someone else.

Borat then visits an antique shop with a display of Confederate heritage items, and clumsily breaks various items.

Staying at a bed-and-breakfast, Borat and Azamat are stunned to learn their hosts are Jewish.

In New York, Borat sees an episode of Baywatch on TV and immediately falls in love with Pamela Anderson's character, C. Borat is then informed by telegram that Oksana has been killed by a bear.

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During the trip, Borat acquires a Baywatch booklet at a yard sale and continues gathering footage for his documentary.

He meets gay pride parade participants, politicians Alan Keyes and Bob Barr, and African American youths.

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Borat attempts to buy a handgun to defend himself, but is turned away because he is not an American citizen; consequentially, Borat purchases a bear for protection.

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