Karta na bulgaria online dating

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Karta na bulgaria online dating

Varna Peninsula on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Varna.

Varna, Illinois, a small town of 400 people, was named in this city's honour. The settlement and district centre of Varna in the Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia is named in commemoration of the taking of Varna by the Russian army during the 1828–1829 Russo-Turkish War.

Some scholars consider that during the 1st millennium BC, the region was also settled by the half-mythical Cimmerians.

An example of their, probably accidental, presence, is the tumulus dated 8th-7th c. The region around Odessos was densely populated with Thracians long before the coming of the Greeks on the west seashore of the Black Sea. Around the city [Odessos] lives the Thracian tribe named Crobises.” This is also evidenced by various ceramic pottery, made by hand or by a Potter's wheel, bronze ornaments for horse-fittings and iron weapons, all found in Thracian necropolises dated 6th-4th c.

In 2008, Varna was designated seat of the Black Sea Euroregion by the Council of Europe.

Theophanes the Confessor first mentioned the name Varna, as the city came to be known with the Slavic conquest of the Balkans in the 6th to 7th century.

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Prehistoric settlements best known for the Chalcolithic necropolis (mid-5th millennium BC radiocarbon dating), a key archaeological site in world prehistory, eponymous Varna culture and internationally considered the world's oldest large find of gold artifacts, existed within modern city limits.

In the wider region of the Varna lakes (before the 1900s, freshwater) and the adjacent karst springs and caves, over 30 prehistoric settlements have been unearthed with the earliest artefacts dating back to the Middle Paleolithic or 100,000 years ago. BC) the area around Odessos had been populated with Thracians. BC local Thracians had active commercial and cultural contacts with people from Anatolia, Thessaly, Caucasus and the Mediterranean Sea.

An area of 600,000 km² making Ukraine the second largest country in Europe after Russia, it is twice the size of Italy or slightly smaller than the U. The Dnieper (Dnipro) is the longest river in Ukraine and an important navigable waterway.

The river is also important for its large water reservoirs, the 149 km long, 28 km wide Kremenchuk Reservoir and the 240 km long, up to 23 km wide Kakhovka Reservoir are the largest.

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According to Theophanes, in 680 Asparukh, the founder of the First Bulgarian Empire, routed an army of Constantine IV near the Danube delta and, pursuing it, reached the so-called Varna near Odyssos [sic] and the midlands thereof (τὴν λεγομένην Βάρναν, πλησίον Ὀδυσσοῦ).

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