Jewish dating cultures

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Jewish dating cultures

The mohel then recites a prayer dating from geonic times, in the course of which a name is bestowed on the child.

The circumcision ceremony is normally followed by a Se'udat Mitsvah, a meal of religious character.

A sentence in the prayer of Elijah (I Kgs, 19.10), "for the children of Israel have forsaken your covenant," was understood by the rabbis to mean that the Israelites had abandoned the rite of circumcision, which is always referred to (on the basis of Gn. Elijah is regarded as the patron of circumcision, and it is said that his spirit is present at all circumcisions. Covenant of Blood: Circumcision and Gender in Rabbinic Judaism (Chicago, 1996).

As the sign of the *covenant (berit) "sealed in the flesh," circumcision came to be known as berit milah or the "covenant of our father Abraham."The presence of the foreskin was regarded as a blemish, and perfection was to be attained by its removal (cf. It was probably in order to prevent the possibility of obliterating the traces of circumcision that the rabbis added to the requirement of cutting the foreskin that of peri'ah (laying bare the glans).The duty of circumcising the child is the responsibility of the father.In his absence or in case of his failure to do so, the religious authorities are bound to see that it is performed.With a kosher cruise, you can forget about having to schlep bags and suitcases as you traipse across the globe: the ship carries your stuff for you. From spas and cooking shows to pools and rock climbing walls, cruises have everything you need and more. And you get to visit one destination after another feeling relaxed and energized.Kosherica’s 20 kosher cruises are as exciting and magical as ever.

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