Engelsk svenskt lexikon online dating

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Engelsk svenskt lexikon online dating

In the last section, finally, w e indicate briefly o u r plans fo r the future. The project T h e project is explorative w ith the overall aim to ju d g e the possibilities o f using interlingual representations in applications such as docum ent generation, intelligent (cxi-line) handbooks, and translation.W e do this by studying a specific text genre, the service m anual, and in particular the expository sections, w here an object is described and its function is explained.T h en, in section 3, w e provide som e argum ents in favour o f conceptual text-representations and p ropose a w ay o f characterizing sem antic equivalence o f generated texts.In section 4, w e show how the conceptual representations are used for bi-lingual sentence generation.O u r initial corpus com prises 86 sentence pairs from tw o service m anuals issued by V olvo T ruck C orporation.M ore sp ecific goals o f the project are to d evelop an interlingual representation language fo r this gerue and algorithm s fo r m ulti-lingual generation from the interlingual representations.M ø ller: M askinoversæ ttelse a f tyske N P e r H elge D yvik: L inguistics and M achine T r a n s la tio n G u n n a r E rik sso n : E n hom ografseparator baserad på s a n n o lik h e t P e te r M o lb æ k H a n se n & E b b e S p a n g -H a n sse n : Syntax and prosody in a D anish T ext-to-s peech System P e r H ed elin & D ie te r H u b e r: A new D ictionary o f Sw edish P ro n u n c ia tio n A n n a S ågvall H ein : O n the C overage o f a M orphological A nalyser based on "Svensk O rdbok" [A D ictionary o f Sw edish] D ie te r H u b e r: Integrating Syntagm atic Inform ation in a D ictionary fo r C om puter Speech A p p lic a tio n s A n n a K.L y sn e: PC -phonetics: A help o r a strain for the p h ilo lo g is t?

In the second part we describe an implemented method fw multi-lingual generation of sentences. Introduction D uring the last decade unification-based gram m ar form alism s have becom e standard tools fo r gram m atical description w ithin com putational linguistics.

T h e second idea is th at parsing and generation can be seen as basically th e sam e p ro cesses that differ only in th eir input (Shieber, 1988; Z ajac & E m ele, 1990; E m ele et al., 1990).

T h is w ould m ake it possible to handle all processing by the sam e m echanism s and by m eans o f a single g ram m ar and dictionary fo r each language.

T h e interlingua should cover all relevant aspects o f the texts: structure, content and textual coherence, b u t w e are only concerned w ith the linguistic variation that can be found w ithin the genre.

F o r instance, as all sentences o f o u r corpus are declarative and present-tense, w e treat such properties as structural invariants that need not b e accounted fo r o n sem antic o r pragm atic grounds.

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