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Dating in colchester

Dow designed this lighthouse in the Second Empire style.An 1873 storm damaged the lens in the tower, and the foundation of the structure was subsequently improved to secure the building against future storms.Club Elite exists to improve the social life of it's members, which it does by providing an active and varied programme of events.Members are free to come to as many or as few events as they wish to fit their lifestyle.Born in Farnborough, Kent, in 1924, Stella Flanders, as she was then, initially trained as a nurse.Then, aged 24, she married Ernest Groschel, a Czech engineer 13 years older who had come to Britain to escape the war.August Lorenz was keeper of the Colchester Reef light from 1909 to 1931, the longest term of any of the keepers.In 1923, an ice floe crashed right through the kitchen, leaving a large hole in the structure that was later repaired. In 1952, Electra Havemeyer Webb purchased the building for display at Shelburne Museum, where it now stands.

By then working as a journalist on her local newspaper in Sheffield, where the couple had settled, Stella knew she would be unable to continue with her career but, with a stultifying marriage, was aware she needed something else to distract her.The lighthouse was damaged again in 1961 when it was struck by lighting.Colchester Reef Light: Image courtesy of "New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide", 2006."Old men always want a young dolly bird, and the plainest girls still like to think they can get themselves a millionaire," says Stella waspishly.Today, she still sports the steely, scrutinising gaze that has been her principal professional tool during her 50-year career - a career she fell into by accident to distract herself from an unhappy marriage of her own (the irony of that inconvenient fact does not, of course, escape her).

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Why not give the premier singles social club in Colchester and Chelmsford a try - Club Elite.

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