Allied alliance dating

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Nations again turned to alliances to defend and advance their interests.Some individual agreements signed in the mid to late 1800s include: “Models of the war’s causality have often expressed contemporary international relations.Relations between the French and Germans were also troubled, while France and Russia also had their differences.

Imperial interests, changes in government, a series of revolutions (1848) and rising nationalist movements in Germany, Italy and elsewhere saw European rivalries and tensions increase again.

During the 1700s alliances were used both as a defensive measure and a political device.

Kings and princes regularly formed or re-formed alliances, usually to advance their own interests or isolate rivals.

Alliances are possibly the best known cause of World War I.

An alliance is a formal political, military or economic agreement between two or more nations.

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Military alliances usually contain promises that in the event of war or aggression, one signatory nation will support the others.

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