A fatal error occurred while updating your device software usa dating site trusted

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A fatal error occurred while updating your device software

For RT Preempt patched kernel, the tag name also include the word "RT" RT Preempt patched Linux kernel is available on a seperate master branch (master-rt). This will be available under release_ $ sudo apt-get install build-essential subversion ccache sed wget cvs coreutils unzip texinfo docbook-utils gawk help2man diffstat file g texi2html bison flex htmldoc chrpath libxext-dev xserver-xorg-dev doxygen bitbake uboot-mkimage libncurses5-dev Note: If you are running a distribution other than Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, please refer to your distribution documentation for instructions on installing these required packages.Note: From the MCSDK 3.0.4 release onward, the size of the the rootfs has increased beyond 80MB. The filesystem needs to be under 80M for use with ramfs If your network is behind a firewall/proxy additional settings are needed for bitbake to be able to download source code repositories for various open source projects.There are dts changes that requires the kernel to be in sync with DTS.For CCS and Simulator installation please refer to corresponding documentation, which comes with CCS and/or Simulator.To build the kernel for execute the following commands inside the linux-keystone folder: Transport Net Lib software package provides a library for ARM user space application to gain direct access to networking h/w.

(e.g) export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- export ARCH=arm PATH= Before building the linux kernel for Simulator, user has to modify the source file linux-keystone/drivers/net/ethernet/ti/keystone_ethss.c The line u8 mac_addr_nic[6] = ; /* NIC addr */ has to be modified The NIC address should be appropriately modified with the NIC address of the host where CCS and the simulator are installed.Please see the release notes for the comprehensive list of components and version; the latest release notes is MCSDK Release Notes.For licensing information, please see the software manifest; the latest software manifest is MCSDK Software Manifest. That is one that addresses acronyms that this Chapter uses.Please see CCS Getting started guide Please refer to Linaro toolchain The Linux kernel related utilities and pre-built binaries are provided in the release under the folder mcsdk_linux_ For Example, K2_UBOOT_2013-01_13.08 indicates, the u-boot is based on upstream version 2013-01 and the release is done in August 2013.This done to make it intuitive for anyone to identify the baseline upstream u-boot version used in a release from the tag name.

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In this context, the document contains instructions to: It is strongly recommended to upgrade all images to the same release which includes: uboot, boot monitor, kernel and file system.

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